Duties and Responsibilities

Office of Legal Affairs was established as an administrative unit affiliated to the Secretary General under the Article 35 of the Decree Law No: 124 on the Administrative Organization of the Supreme Bodies of Higher Education and the Institutions of Higher Education.

Duties and responsibilities of the Office of Legal Affairs include

1 - Defending the rights and interests of the university before all judicial authorities in case of disputes between the university, personnel and students or disputes with other people or institutions, following proceedings and concluding cases,

2 - Offering legal advice to relevant bodies about following and concluding disciplinary and penal investigations of university personnel according to the Article 53 of the Law No: 2547 and disciplinary investigations of students according to the Article 53 of the Law No: 2547,

3 - Assisting in how to use university savings in compliance with prevailing legislation.


Our mission is to ensure effective and objective execution of services by the University and affiliated bodies, give any and all kind of legal service to the Rector's Office, and settle disputes and arrange legal relationships in the interest of the university.


Reflecting its vast legal knowledge in its work by using ever advancing and changing technology, the Office of Legal Affairs aims to become a model for other universities and departments within our university with its innovative, modern, fast and reliable service philosophy, which is open to new developments.


Lawyer Gonca MURAT, Legal Advisor

Ahmet KARABOĞA, Director of the Office